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Survival Tools – Mega Pack

80 high quality survival tools optimized for any project (render, game, mobile, vr/ar…) Contains Wooden, Bone, Stone, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Mithril, Modern and many other tools !

Available on :

5 Full Packs for the price of 4 ! 80 survival tools for the price of 64 !

Mega Pack of these nice survival tools collections :

Pickaxes – Full Pack
Axes – Full Pack
Shovels – Full Pack
Hammers – Full Pack
Hoes – Full Pack

Enhance your best survival/crafting projects (game, render, advertising, design visualization, VR/AR…) with these awesome tools :

  • Wooden tool
  • Bone tool
  • Stone and Obsidian tools (similar models)
  • Copper tool
  • Iron tool
  • Silver tool
  • Gold tool
  • Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire tools (same models)
  • Adamantite, Mithril and Orichalcum tools (same models)
  • Modern tool

(One-handed and two-handed models available for each tool)

Game-ready !

Very high quality material for the best visual and performance. Ideal for VR/AR games !

PBR material ready-to-go optimized for all platforms (mobile included)

Real size model (one-handed and two-handed), with pivot point and scaling already set.

High-quality meshes but very optimized in poly-count (one-handed/two-handed) :

  • ~200 to ~900 Vertices for the most detailed tools
  • ~200 to ~900 Faces for the most detailed tools
  • ~400 to ~1.600 Tris for the most detailed tools
  • Clean mesh, only planar quads and tris
  • Smoothing group already set
  • Pivot point already set
  • Position/Rotation/Scale already set
  • Real-size object (one-handed and two-handed models available)

1 PBR Material for each tool

4 Textures in 2k resolution for each tool :

  • Albedo/Diffuse/Color map
  • Metallic/Roughness map
  • Normal map
  • Ambient Occlusion map
  • (Emission map for Obsidian Tool)

UV Map clean and no-overlapping.

Support all platforms (Windows, Mac, Pc, Consoles, Mobiles, VR/AR)

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