[LowPolyPro] French Pastries

A full and optimized Low Poly package for any type of pastries, bakeries and dessert projects you can make !

Available on :

Over 45 prefabs available, each of them perfect world scaled, with 3 Level of Detail and sharing the same material/texture for the best performances !

Bakeries (10 objects)

Cannelés, chaussons, croissants (butter and maragrine), madeleines (light and dark), pains au chocolat, pains au lait, pains aux raisins, palmiers.

Brioches (3 objects)

Full brioche, half cut brioche and slice of brioche.

Desserts (7 objects)

Chocolate fondant, chouquette, choux à la crème, mille-feuilles, opéra, religieuse, rum baba.

Eclairs (6 objects)

Many éclairs flavors : chocolate, coffee, lemon, pistachio, strawberry, vanilla.

Financiers (3 objects)

Different financiers decorations : standard, almonds, chocolate chips.

Macarons (8 objects)

Many macarons with different colors : blue, brown, green, orange, pink, red, white, yellow.

Roses des sables (3 objects)

Different roses des sables flavors : dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate.

Papers (4 objects)

Many papers with different shape to decorate your pastries : circle paper, rectangle paper, square paper, éclair paper.

Other props (1 objects)

A wooden table to show your pastries.


All props share only 1 texture and 1 material for maximum graphics performance !

Only 1 texture, a color palette 64px x 64px.

Polygons count

Maximum 2.300 triangles for the most detailed object.

For example, a macaron has 696 triangles (68 triangles with the last LOD) a croissant has 1112 triangles (110 with LOD3), a brioche has 1378 triangles (80 with LOD3) and an éclair has 1036 triangles (102 with LOD3).

Prefabs informations

45 prefabs available for your best fast-foods project.

10 bakeries (croissant, pain au chocolat, cannelés…), 3 brioches, 7 desserts (mille-feuilles, rum baba, chocolate fondant…), 6 éclairs, 3 financiers, 8 macarons, 3 roses des sables, 4 papers and 1 wooden table.

All prefabs are scaled in real size (1 unit = 1 meter) and has their pivot point perfectly set.

LOD information

All objects includes at least 3 Level of Detail.

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